Drones SMS


We are glad to present a new brand of acona: Skytec.1 !

Drone Operation Safety Management System and Compliance Management.

In cooperation with drone experts and compliance experts we offer you an Offsite SMS and Compliance System (it is your choice to have it Onsite or Offsite). This system is administered and driven by us and you are in close cooperation with us to run a solid Safety System together with Compliance Monitoring.
Drone Operation and company location are not identical as it was in earlier days. The operation, the control center and administration is often spread over the globe. Due to consolidated network between all involved parties it is a natural step to do the SMS and quality/compliance work offsite. Together with our partner and their programs and apps we provide the best Safety and Compliance based solution.

Additionally we offer expert assessments (Gutachten) for accidents, incidents and evaluation of projects for RPAS.

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